capital logoThe Capital Rugby Union (CGU) began in Fall 2013, as a result of the consolidation of the Virginia Rugby Union (info) and the Potomac Rugby Union (info), both formerly part of the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union.

Colonial WilliamsburgThe CGU organizes, administers, controls, regulates, improves, teaches and fosters the growth and maintains the standards of the game of Rugby Union Football for the clubs that are its members within the geographic area. It represents its members before other official administrative bodies of rugby on a regional, national or international level (including, the International Rugby Board [the “IRB”] and USA Rugby [“USAR”]), and shall organize, control and administer rugby games between regional bodies and visiting clubs as necessary.

U.S. CapitolThe CGU is a Geographic Union member within the USAR administrative structure; its teams play within the Mid Atlantic Conference (also called National Competitive Region Four or NCR4) .

Why “Capital“? Easy! Our region has the colonial capital (Williamsburg) and the United States capital (Washington, DC).

Note: A capital is a seat of government; a capitol is a building.


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