2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday, September 18 at 7 PM. The session was online/streaming. 

AGM Reports (final); each were discussed during the session.

Capital officers are elected every two years and this was not an election year. However, Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) representatives are elected every year and those elections took place. Capital has three Men’s 15s reps, two Women’s 15s reps, and two 7s reps. The MAC Chair is elected by the elected Capital and EPRU reps. Current MAC reps are listed here: http://macrugby.org/about/

CMS Reporting

Beginning this Fall (2019), completion of CMS entries are now required by USA Rugby to be within 48 hours of the match’s completion. Both teams must post the final results, rosters, and player substitution(s), as well as the virtual signing.

Tech Zone Requirement

Effective immediately, USA Rugby requires that all Senior Club Rugby Qualifying Matches must adhere to the Technical Zone field set up as detailed by USA Rugby’s Technical Zone Document. This field set-up document is at https://assets.usarugby.org/…/USA-Rugby-Technical-Zone-and-… and the brief directive is at https://assets.usarugby.org/…/club/Technical-Zone-Policy.pdf

Ruck and one player

From Richard Every at USAR (9/8/17, 1135; this is an excerpt since we’ve all seen the video and know the new law):

If a player has to step with one leg over the ball, they would be a prone target to be cleared out.

AT THIS TIME, in the USA, WE WILL DO THE FOLLOWING, until further clarification:

If, at a tackle, a player on their feet positions themselves over the ball, a ruck is formed. That means, your body has to be over the ball. It should be in a controlled manner, and both legs can still be on your side of the ball and they may grasp their player that is on the ground. Try not to over-complicate it.

If that player then decides to play the ball, they have to step back so they are no longer over the ball, then play the ball coming through the gate.

If, after they have formed the ruck, they pick up the ball in that ruck-forming position, it is a PK against them for hands in.

Six law amendments added to global trial -> Fall 2017


USAR’s Game Management Guidelines for 2017-2018

Slides from USAR’s Webinar on 07/26/2017 (PDF)

Concussion Protocol

Reminder: there is no concussion protocol in USAR club play at any level. While we haven’t seen instances of this within Capital, we know of our area referees being asked about this by non-Capital clubs.

If a player has a suspected concussion, they need to leave the game. If the player’s club does not do so, the referee has the option and authority to order it.