Info on Competitions

Remember: the Capital Rugby Union is the regional administrative body, while the Mid Atlantic Conference (MAC) is the competitions body that encompasses the Capital Rugby Union and Eastern Penn.

7s Information is at the MAC site.

Recent (2014) 15s MAC playoff information: Men and Women.

Congratulations to the 2014 MAC (NCR4) Tournament Playoff Winners:
D1 Women – NOVA
D2 Men – Rocky Gorge
D2 Women – Severn River
D3 Men – Washington Renegades
D4 Men – Blue Ridge

Policy Reminders (HS/Youth)

From: Kurt Weaver , Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 5:36 PM


We have had some questions about policies lately and I wanted to reiterate a few items for your use locally. I would also ask that you share these with your referees to help enforce these policies, in addition to your local rules.

1. 8th graders, regardless of age, should not be playing HS rugby. This is for their safety and is the policy for both boys and girls. This is not to keep them from playing in a U15 or U16 league, but they should not be playing with Juniors and Seniors in HS.

2. Freshmen who are younger than 15 (14) need to sign a waiver to play HS rugby. The waiver is at

3. Anyone graduated from HS should not be playing HS rugby, specially if they are already in college! I didn’t think we needed to remind folks about this one, but if pops up now and again. We are no longer a U19 country, we are ‘High School’ rugby.

4. High School teams are not permitted to play against college or adult teams. This includes scrimmages and games for 7s and 15s.

5. High School players are not permitted to play on college or adult rugby teams. This includes scrimmages and games for 7s and 15s.

6. Every team needs to have their team fee paid to USA Rugby (or the state pays the $3,000), a certified coach (at least L100) and the minimum amount of players registered to be considered compliant, and for their insurance to be in tact. For 15s, that would be 15 kids, 7s would be 7 kids, etc.

I understand the feedback around some policies, but these are what is currently in place. They in set for player welfare considerations, child development issues and best practice. Please shoot questions to me by phone or email.

Thank you for your continued work!


Kurt Weaver | Director, Youth & High School Rugby | USA Rugby

Logo Design Contest

Someone out there in internet land create a logo for the Capital Geographic Union!

Key Elements:
Think of iconic brands – budweiser, pepsi, coke, kellogs…whatever and make that ours.
think forward and timeless
Think representative of our members
Think men and women

Be creative! The winner will receive a fantastic prize that will be announced soon! submissions should be sent to Every entry (as long as it is not offensive. offensive = racist, sexist, political, pornographic……) will be collected and set to a bracket competition. There are 175 members of the Facebook group and I hope to receive 24 submissions. send it to your graphic design friends and your club members looking for resume building material or do it yourself.

Thanks All!
Matthew Robinette
President Capital GU

President’s Message

A while back I said that I would provide a detailed list of objectives that I have planned for this year and beyond. Some of these will be difficult to implement this year due to budget constraints but I’m going to try! My next post will outline my vision for the Union. Be well and be good to each other.

1. Communication – Objective – to provide clear details of the ever changing landscape of our competition. To provide direct communication opportunities for clubs. To provide an avenue for clubs to promote events, clinics, and tournaments through the Capital GU.

a. The President’s email – This is one aspect of communication that I will be executing. This list is exclusively for you, the Club Presidents. You can email or call me directly to discuss issues, direction, and vision at any time. As club presidents, you are (presumably) the most engaged rugby person on the club. You know what you want and need to be successful. I want to assist in making that happen. (I HAVE ALREADY SENT ONE OF THESE. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE MY MESSAGE YESTERDAY, YOU ARE NOT ON MY LIST)
b. Facebook – Many of us are on Facebook and I’ve found it pretty useful disseminating information. I would encourage everyone to join the group
c. Email, website, executive committee email
d. Items B and C are available for any member club to utilize.

2. Relationships – objectives – To work closely with MAC Rugby to ensure our member clubs have a competition that is fair and balanced. To work with the Eastern Penn GU to capitalize on shared goals and to cross check club compliance. To work with USA Rugby to create clear messages to your clubs so as to minimize confusion.
a. The Capital GU should be responsible for minimizing the burden to our member clubs when it comes to administrative directives and other admin related items. I believe the Capital GU should be the admin and you should be the rugby. We (the Executive Committee) will work to clarify directives and admin procedures so that when you receive it from us you know it has been vetted and discussed. When appropriate, the EC will request you input. If you want more input, please join the EC at the next AGM.

3. All-Star Programs – objectives – to create 15s and 7s all-star programs for men and women. To fully fund the all-star programs to include player kit, travel, coaches, and training. To enter international competitions (like the tournament the South all-stars enter, Cape Fear 7s, NY 7s, Las Vegas Invitational, Aspen Ruggerfest, Saranac, a home/away with Toronto/Canada select).
a. While USA Rugby has seen the All-Star competitions not necessary, I believe the only way our best players are going to grow and get seen for national team selection is to play the highest level possible.
b. We should identify talent and make sure the right coaches are providing training.
c. We should identify coaches and give them the opportunity to coach high level rugby.
d. We should do this for both men and women.
e. We should populate this team from all levels of our competitions – WPL, D1-D4.

4. Coaching and Referee Development – objective – to host a coaching Level 200 and 300 and level one referee clinic annually. To retain 20% from those training sessions
a. We’ve got to develop these aspects of our game.
b. The goal is to provide these at NO COST to our member clubs to include hotel, food and beverage, one social, and training materials.

5. Create a live stream “Game of the Week” – objective – to produce a game of the week to be live streamed online. To produce a live stream of our championships. To sell advertising and turn a profit on our events.
a. This is not being done very well around the country and I believe there’s a profitable market for this type of media
b. We could gain national exposure and sell advertising to cover costs

6. To become a member of a national sports convention – objective – to get cities to bid on our championship events so that we minimize our expenses and find proper complexes/surfaces to play our most important matches.

So, there you have it. That is what I will be doing in the next 12 months to grow and develop rugby in the Capital Geographic Union. I am committed to working with our member clubs and I want this to be the best run Union in the country. With your help, we can make that happen. I can’t really grow and develop anything without engaged people around me. Without your feedback, we will become stagnant. I can press and push but I will need your support. From time to time I may even call or email you directly to ask your thoughts. Please do not sugar coat. Tell us where/when we’re doing something wrong or well. I am lucky to have your support up to this point through this transition. I look forward to working with each of you throughout the year.

Very Respectfully,
Matt Robinette

2013-2014 USA Rugby Membership Registration Cycle

The new membership cycle takes effect August 15, 2013, through August 31, 2014.

To register for any role with USA Rugby go to and click on the red REGISTER button at the top of the screen.

Benefits & Improvements
NEW Member Center user experience with enhanced “View Roster” and “Member Search” tools and navigation
Continuation of our popular participant accident insurance program
Returning member information has been automatically transferred to make renewals easier

Membership Renewals
Renewing members will need to log on to complete registration
For security purposes, your email address is your user name and you will need to request a new password the first time you sign on

Membership Means Insurance!
Nationwide Insurance will continue to carry USA Rugby’s accident insurance policy. The new policy for the 2013-2014 membership cycle takes effect September 1, 2013
The policy covers only registered members who are participating in sanctioned USA Rugby activities
USA Rugby strongly recommends that all members retain primary medical coverage before participating this season. The new deductible for uninsured members is $3,500
Please visit for more details about USA Rugby’s insurance policy

Tournament Sanctioning: Growing the Game!
USA Rugby continues to require a formal sanctioning agreement for all tournaments and events outside of regular season play and practice. For a complete list of sanctioned tournaments and the breakdown of the process, please go to

USA Rugby Coach Development: Give back to the Game!
USA Rugby is leading American sports in Coach Development. We are now officially certifying all rugby coaches, partnering with the top coaching education programs in the country and focusing on player welfare more than ever before. Make sure you register early. Certification and background screening completion will be required before activation of any coach registration.

Further Information:
Lucy Zugschwert | Membership Manager | USA Rugby |

Capital Rugby Union Meeting Materials

Here are the materials from the 08/18/2013 meeting:

Capital Rugby Union Meeting Agenda

Proposed 2013-2014 Budget (Approved)

Slides used at the event, which you may access via the following link: [These files can be viewed on (generally) all devices (formats: HTML5 or Flash).]

For those who want hard copies (PDF): Meeting Presentation

Capital GU Meeting!

[This is information about a past meeting.]

The Capital GU is going live on 9/1/2013 and will hold its FIRST organizational/clubs meeting on Sunday, August 18. [Yes, we are aware of the USA game in Charleston on August 17, but only a small number are going to that event and we are looking for one (1) member/club or a proxy for this meeting.]

By default, this meeting was for the Club Men and Club Women teams in the VRU and PRU; the USAR definition of the GU’s members are senior club teams; this is how they are loaded in the CIPP system. However, we will include colleges, high school, or youth for membership that want Capital Rugby Union affiliation. We have permission to add additional categories of teams and this is on the agenda.

Due to limited space, we will ask for only 1-2 members/club (but prefer one (1)). We will allow proxies, as long as we have it via Email; word of mouth is not sufficient.

HotelLocation: Hilton Springfield, 6550 Loisdale Road, Springfield, Virginia, 22150. Google Maps:

Date: Sunday, August 18, 2013
Time: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM. (Might end sooner; depends on discussions.)

[See the posting above for the agenda!]

The draft by-laws and organizational structure are at

Other items:
1. Our Facebook page is at
2. You can subscribe to the new Yahoo Groups Email by send a message to

If you have any questions, please let us know (see Contacts).