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Referee Fees

Referee Fee: $100 for A-match, $50 for B-match
Please check one or both!
Current maximum reimbursement for a match is $275 (match fee plus mileage).
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Miles Driven
(mileage is reimbursed at 80% of the current IRS rate)
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Injury Report
Please report all injuries where the player required on/off field treatment and returned to play, or where the player was replaced for the remainder of the game. Please indicate the match level (A/B/C), and player number or position (if known; no names, please) or (at least) forward/back. Name the body part affected, nature of injury, and how the injury occurred. Suggestions are: Body Part ( Head, Shoulder, Arm, Chest, Back, Abdomen, Upper/Lower leg, Knee, Ankle), Type of injury (Concussion, Separation/Dislocation, Sprain, Contusion, Blood), How injured (Making a tackle, Being tackled, In a ruck, Foul play by opponent, Other means). Was immediate injury care necessary (e.g., did player leave by ambulance, did the player go to the hospital by private vehicle, did the player (possibly) receive medical attention at field, and so on)?

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