New MAC Policies (TZ and General Appeals; 12/29/2019)

Technical Zone. Effective immediately, USA Rugby requires that all Senior Club Rugby Qualifying Matches must adhere to the Technical Zone field set up as detailed by USA Rugby’s Technical Zone Document: MAC extends this policy to describe local sanctions. If the home club fails to establish and adhere to the Technical Zones appropriately, the assigned referee has the right to abandon the match. Referees and Clubs may also report Technical Zones issues to the MAC coordinators. Clubs found to be out of compliance may be subject to a match forfeit.

Qualification on appeals. Members, individuals, and clubs aggrieved by a decision, determination, or ruling by the MAC competition committee or concerning any MAC policy regarding matches or other competition matters shall have the right to file a protest of the decision. The MAC Competitions Committee will not hear protests that are on the basis of (1) a club disagreement or protest on who the assigned referee is or (2) for an incorrect referee interpretation, call, or judgment.