2022-2023 Competitions

Standings (Ladder), Results, Fixtures (to be played).

Master Schedule with scores for D1M, D1W, D2M, D2W, D3CM, D3SM, D3W, D4M
This is a link to a Google Sheet; each division is separated by a tab. Matches are also in Rugby Xplorer and can be seen in each club’s RX website, with the current exception of D1M (waiting on EPRU), D3M Challenger (waiting on EPRU), and D1W (waiting on multiple unions).

The full standings for divisions will be shown at xplorer.rugby/capital when that has been fixed by RX. Matches can also be seen in the RX user app and RX Match Day app (see Registration for links to get these).

For next year’s Super Regional playoffs, we are building a page at Spring 2023 Atlantic Super Regional info