Capital Rugby Current Statement (08/30/2020)

USA Rugby updated their Return to Play document on Friday, August 28, 2020. The Union carefully reviewed the updated Return to Play information and evaluated the new policy against our jurisdictions’ regulations and will sanction non-contact intra-squad practice. There are some very important mitigating strategies that each club must implement to return to the pitch. Each club president, coach, and captain are responsible for the following actions prior to returning to non-contact intra-squad practice:

  • Review local guidelines – local guidelines take precedent over any Union (Capital and/or USA) directives/approvals
  • Review USA Rugby R2P document and implement requirements outlined. The Capital is sanctioning Stage 3 as outlined in this document –
  • Register with USA Rugby – This is going to be tricky and frustrating for individuals and clubs because SportLomo is a new platform and club rugby fee structures were just announced. Players and coaches must be registered with USA Rugby to participate in non-contact intra-team practice. Follow this link to register with USA Rugby:

World Rugby COVID 19 – Return To Play Guidelines

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