2023 ASR Match Guidelines (Assorted)

The following are excerpted from the USA Club Rugby Competition Policies/Match Commissioner Guidelines:

The Match Commissioner has the final determination in all questions of competition, eligibility, and disciplinary issues that arise at the tournament. In the case that the issue requires further discussion, the Match Commissioner will convene a three- person panel including the Match Commissioner, the tournament director (or USA Rugby Event Manager), and head match official (or USA Rugby Event Referee Manager). Together a decision will be made that will stand for the duration of the tournament. All appeals must happen once the tournament has ended. Information pertaining to the issue must be collected by the Match Commissioner and presented to the respective USA Rugby committee no later than 24 hours post tournament.

Competition organizers must certify that players are registered to the participating team, submitted their registration by the proper deadline, and are eligible to compete (match minimums, player participation minimums and maximums, etc.). Common issues prior to the National Championship Series (NCS) include players who have a.) not played enough games to be able to make the minimum match requirement prior to the USA Rugby NCS and/or b.) played too many games at a higher level to be allowed to compete at a lower level.

Technical zones should only include up to 2 registered coaches and up to 2 medical personnel. Water carriers should not be in the technical zone during USA Rugby- sanctioned matches, and coaches should not be water carriers unless no other personnel exist. USA Rugby recommends no more than 4 water carriers be allowed to enter the playing area at any one time. All water carriers should be clearly identified and in kit contrasting that of the participants on the field. Additionally, water carriers may only enter the field when the referee allows.

Check-in typically takes ~15 minutes per team, so teams without a check-in time should request one absolutely no later than 75 minutes before their first match.

Teams should provide paper-based rosters as well as enter their rosters into the Rugby Xplorer Competition Management System (CMS) in advance of their match; this is accomplished by entering the roster (Team List) into the Rugby Xplorer Match Day app. The roster (paper and app-based) for their match should then be acknowledged by the match officials and opposition. If this protocol is not followed, as Match Commissioner you will want to check the Rugby Xplorer user app to ensure that teams have at least entered their roster in the CMS. Any/all changes from a printed form should be noted by the Match Commissioner and checked in the CMS after the match data is entered to ensure accuracy.

Severe Weather (Lightning and Thunderstorms). The USA Rugby Severe Weather and Lightning Policy can assist in planning for the assessment of severe weather. If you must make a decision related to stopping a match for unplayable conditions, USA Rugby has communicated the following previously:

  1. The match should be replayed the next day, either starting from the minute stopped (if played at least 40 minutes) or started over (if not played at least 40 minutes).
  2. If the above is not possible, any match played 60 minutes will stand as played.
  3. If the above (1-2) are not possible, any match played at least 40 minutes will be resumed at a future date from the score/time played.
  4. If the above (1-3) are not possible, any match not played at least 40 minutes will be played at a future date, with the score/time reset.
  5. If the above (1-4) are not possible, the result stands as played.

Kit Conflict. For USA Rugby events, most kit conflicts are usually managed in advance of the event by identification of kit information in tournament contact/information form. If no advance information is provided, or the conflict could not be sorted pre-event, the common policy is:

  1. If the event is seeded, the higher seed is required to change kit.
  2. If the event is not seeded (e.g., it has rotational match-ups), the team that traveled the least-far is required to change kit.

If one team does not have a change of kit available, it is reasonable to ask the other team to change and admonish the union/organizer for the team without second kit after the event has concluded. If neither team has change kit available, ask the referee about their ability to manage the conflict. If the event is being broadcast, look at the kits from a distance (30m) to see if you can distinguish sides. If no practical solution is available, the team required to change kit should work with other teams at the event site to borrow appropriate kit.

The following are excerpted from the USA Club Rugby 2022-2023 Eligibility Guidelines (sections 3.2 and 3.3).

Match Rosters for NCS Qualifying Matches may list a maximum of 23 players.
i. No Match Roster may contain more than five (5) Non-Resident Players.
ii. No Division 1 Match Roster may contain more than five (5) Professional Players.
iii. No Division 2 Match Roster may contain more than two (2) Professional Players.
iv. No Division 3 Match Roster may contain more than one (1) Professional Player.

Clubs participating in the USA Club Rugby NCS may carry a maximum Roster of 28 players per Event Weekend. For purposes of this Regulation, the full Roster is locked for the duration of the Event Weekend. Clubs participating in the USA Club Rugby NCS must carry a minimum Roster of 20 players per Event Weekend.
The Event Weekend Roster may include a maximum of ten (10) Non-Resident Players… may include a maximum of: ten (10) Professional Players for Division 1; four (4) Professional Players for Division 2; and two (2) Professional Players for Division 3.