2023 Atlantic Super Regional (ASR)


Event photos: Group 1 (144), Group 2 (136)

Day Two summary (PDF).

Day One summary (PDF).

Press release (PDF).

The Capital Rugby Union will host the 2023 Atlantic Super Regional (ASR) on April 29-30, 2023. [VENUE CHANGE DUE TO WEATHER.] The location is Glover Park (Google Maps) in Glen Allen (Richmond, VA area). Advancement to the National Championships will be determined for clubs competing in Men’s Divisions 1, 2, and 3 and Women’s Divisions 1 and 2 in Capital, EPRU, Empire, and NERFU. Teams in Women’s Division 3 and Men’s Division 4 will compete for the Atlantic Regional Championship.

  • Game schedule (April 29 & 30). Scores will be posted on the schedule, as well as social media. The live stream link for Saturday and Sunday is https://rvav.com/capitalrugby/ (dependent on weather).
    • Teams – Matchups were determined by 2022 ASR finishes.
    • For each game, teams are required to select and enter a 23-player roster into the RX Matchday app.
    • Coin flips with the referee will be before each match and will be 5 minutes before the game at the 50m line between the tech zones. If only one captain is present, the captain who is present will have the choice.
    • Field Layout (PNG), overhead shot (JPG)- Fields 2,3,4,5 will be used for games.
    • Practice times are available for participating clubs on Friday, April 28, 2023. PRACTICES WILL NOW BE AT GLOVER PARK. Please contact Matthew Robinette at MatthewRobinette55@gmail.com to schedule your practice time. Friday practice schedule (link).
    • Overtime Procedures for Playoff Matches (15s). [Approved by the USAR Senior Club Council on 11/16/2022.]
    • Assorted Match Guidelines.
    • Sunday consolations will be played for next year’s seedings (#3 and #4). However, if one team opts out or does not appear on time to begin the match, that team’s GU will have a #4 seed for next year (no other ASR penalty).
  • Requirements.
    • USAR Eligibility regulations (PDF; current).
    • Roster procedures (PDF) and Roster form (XLSX). Please read the procedures for due dates and who to submit the XLSX file to. Your GU President and/or Competition Director(s) should be providing more information. Note that the Roster form is for the weekend; teams are required to select and enter a 23-player roster into the RX Matchday app.
    • Proof of identity and citizenship. Description of what is needed for check-in. Be aware that neither the previous Liability waiver nor the USAR Media release forms are required. All registered individuals acknowledged these in the RX registration process.
    • Check-in times (link). You may request a time by going to the request form.
    • The Saturday matches are available for roster entry and viewing in RX under “2023 Atlantic Super Regional”. Sunday matches will be posted in RX on Saturday night.
    • Note: Real-time entry into RX is not required but is suggested so your fans can see the scores. Entries must be completed at least one (1) hour before the Sunday match. On Sunday (if real-time entry is not done), scores must be entered by 11:59 PM on Monday.
  • Social Events (April 28 & 29).
  • Event merchandise. Items will be available for purchase prior to the event. Get your ASR merch today!! Order and pay online and pick it up this weekend!!! https://caprugby.itemorder.com/shop/home/
  • Hotel reservation link. Note: The Capital Rugby Union does not receive a rebate for the rooms but booking with the contracted properties will give us (all four Unions) bargaining power for future events.

Email group for info (Google Groups).

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The following will be provided once we get further information.

Referee info – Assignments (TBD until April 2023).

Match results via the schedule (above), Twitter, and Facebook.

Event Director – Matt Robinette
Contracts administrator – Matthew Robinette
Competitions – David Chapman, Margy Thomas
Referees – Mike O’Brien
Hotels – 288 Sports Group (Jennifer Edmonds)
Offsite experiences – Matthew Robinette/Danny Bonifas
Henrico County Parks & Recreation – Michael McCormack
Athletic Trainers – ATP Physical Therapy
Ambulance/ALS/BLS – Steve Woods
Streaming broadcast – Gary Gauldin