Effective 05/02/2022 for 15s and 08/15/2022 for 7s, MAC will be split into its component parts (Capital and EPRU). However, the MAC website – initiated and maintained by Capital members – will be retained at least through 2023. During this period, we will transition policy to this site.

Competitions Chair (Men)
David Chapman

Men’s 15s:
Nello De Luca (D1)
Paul Dunn (D2)
Shaun Jones (D3 Central)
Paul Rowane (D3 South)
David Chapman (D3 Challenger)
Adam D’Agostino (D4)

Men’s 7s
Darin Darden

Competitions Chair (Women)
Margy Dessypris Thomas

Women’s 15s:
Margy Dessypris Thomas (D1)
Samantha Bottorf (D2)
Alexa Hopkins (D3)

Women’s Sevens:
Will Knipscher

Capital Competitions consists of Men’s and Women’s Competitions Committees. The two Committees are separate but communicate and meet jointly on procedures and policies that affect both groups.

Each Division’s Coordinator within the Committees:

  • Serves on their Competitions Committee and has voting rights to regulate and organize senior club competitions in the Capital Rugby Union.
  • Serves as the liaison between their Competition Committee and their specific Division within the Capital Rugby Union.
  • Develops their specific Division’s Competition, including building league schedules and playoffs; provides oversight of matches and issues throughout the competitive season.