2023-2024 USAR Registration is open:

Conference match reporting must be done within 48 hours and Techzones are required. Match reporting will be done in Rugby Xplorer Match Day or via the web app.

2023-2024 USAR Eligibility Regs

The 2023-2024 Eligibility regs have been approved by the Senior Club Council (SCC).

Overall, there weren’t any significant changes. However…

1. The USAR SCC Eligibility and Competitions Committees will be more stringent in the use of Rugby Xplorer, in terms of rosters and entering substitutes. Overall, we (Capital) didn’t have a problem with this, but other GUs had issues. [Note: I will send out a message next week about when registration for 2023-2024 will begin.] Specifically: “The approved competitive match must be entered into the CMS no later than 48 hours after the match has concluded. If the match is not entered into the CMS and locked within the stated timeline, it will not be considered for player eligibility purposes.”

2. Appeals have been tightened up due to the issue at the National Men’s championship.

3. PR7s participants will not count against the senior club fifteens Professional Player Match Roster limits.

4. Clubs must have a registered Level 1 (formerly called Level 200) or higher coach certified with USA Rugby.

Each club must be aware of the regulations (just like you have to be aware of traffic laws and so on).