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USAR registration:

User app (for everyone)
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Match Day app (for Team Admins only)
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Sections below:

New Players
Email address issue during registration
The Match Day app
Squads and Team Lists (Rosters)
Admin access for your Club
Capital’s FAQ for RX
Problems with adding subs in the Match Day app? Solution!
RX Player Transfer (domestic clearance) Process
Short Term/Temporary Membership Registration

The simple version to create an account:

The detailed version to create an account:

Go to

Create a Rugby ID

Enter the Email address that you normally use for rugby. Do NOT use a club address.

Assuming you haven’t done this before in RX, you should see “You don’t have a Rugby ID”. Click on “Sign me up!”

Fill in the fields. Note: on the first screen in “Sign-up to Rugby ID” make sure that Rugby Region is shown as “USA Rugby”. Click “Sign Up” to be emailed a link to verify your email. The system will check if you are known to USA Rugby.

If you are known by RX, confirm your account and proceed.

If you are not known by RX and are new to rugby, this is ok! Continue.

If you are not known by RX and you HAVE registered in the past, stop and let us know. We would need your first and last names and the Email address you entered (Men’s Clubs send to; Women’s Clubs send to

Go to your Email account, open the message, and click on “Verify Email”. Note: The Email address that it is sent to will be the one that is hashed out on the top of the previous RX screen. For previous users, it is the one the system has that was previously on file. (Hence, be consistent.)

A new browser window will open. Create your password and click the button.

Proceed to login.

Once logged in, you can Register via the link on the left-hand side! (You will search for your club, etc.)

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Email address issue during registration

  1. Let’s say you have registered in a previous year.
  2. RX will recognize your name and date of birth and will attempt to send you a verification via Email to the address on record(!).
  3. Unfortunately, some people have used an email address that they no longer have access to. Examples could be a former work email address, a school email account (.edu), etc.
  4. We (Capital) cannot fix it. The user will need to send a message to for them to reset the email address that is used.

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The Match Day app

  • Here’s a quick intro (video; MP4) – Match Day app – Match Day App Scoring.mp4?dl=0
  • Matches MUST be finalized within 48 hours of the completion of the match.
  • The Match Day app will allow a Team Admin to enter scores for their games in real-time (recommended). However, you should also do an on-site paper record for verification.
  • In the Match Day app, you will be asked if you will just score your team or score with both teams. Both Team’s Managers should select ‘Score my Team’.
  • Scoring in Match Day App. (link)
  • The general flow:
    • Assign Club Members to your Squad List.
    • Set the lineup for your Team List from the Squad List.
    • Before the match
      • Both Teams (opposing sides), pick “score my team” in Match Day.
    • During the match
      • Enter your side’s events – scoring, player movement, etc.
      • Your opponent should add theirs.
    • At the end of the match, the two teams should confirm that the scoring is correct (and concurrence on red/yellow cards) with each other and the referee AT THE FIELD.
    • Once done, click “End” and then “Confirm” which will change the “Fixture” to “FINAL”.
      • Once this occurs, Team Admins cannot go back into the match.
      • If necessary, the match can be unlocked/edited by Capital Admin (not the Division Coordinators, due to the lack of multi-level security in RX).
    • If a Team is found to not be using the Match Day app OR does not update their scoring and match roster, they are at risk of an Administrative Forfeit.
  • Use the Match Day app for subs. Make sure to include the time entered whether it is for 79 minutes or one (1) second; currently, this will need to be approximate. If sub isn’t entered, the game cannot count for the playoff eligibility minimum.
  • Multi-Team Clubs will need to keep track of the number of games each player appears in, to comply with USAR Eligibility rules.
  • Yellow and Red Cards must be entered into RX with the match results.
  • Disputing a match result via Match Day app. (link)
  • REPEAT: Matches MUST be finalized within 48 hours of the completion of the match.

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Squads and Team Lists (Rosters)

  1. To create a Squad, use the Match Day app OR the web Admin Portal.
    • You cannot currently do this in the web app.
  2. Go to Squad List in the App or MembersSquad Management on the web.
    • A squad needs to be created for each Team in the Match Day app. Make sure to include your coach (Non-player).
    • For most teams, every active player would be on the Squad List.
    • Multi-Team Clubs might develop other schemes.
    • We highly advise doing this in the browser version.
  3. Go to Team Lists. You can only do this in the Match Day app.
    1. Select the game that you want to create the Team List.
    2. In Players, select players from the Squad List, their position, and number.
    3. In Team Officials, add your coach.
    4. Submit.

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Admin access for your Club

Send one admin/club with first name, last name, and Email address to one of the following:
Men’s Clubs contact:
Women’s Clubs contact:

That Email address must be part of your new RX Rugby ID: “…the person receiving the permissions must have an account in Rugby Xplorer with an email address.”

The admin person will have access to the club account at RX via an option on their profile’s menu. They may (and should) assign other club and/or team admins; this will be necessary for creating team rosters, submitting match reports, and so on. See the RX FAQ instructions at

Club Admins will need to assign themselves as Team Admins OR select others and make them Team Admins. Only Team Admins can do rosters and score. Do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Administration -> User Management
  3. Search for an individual by email or name.
  4. Click on the person’s account.
  5. Select permission from the dropdown list, i.e., ‘Club Admin’ or ‘Team Admin’.
  6. Click “Add Role”.
  7. Select Club and/or Team from dropdown.
  8. Click “Save Changes” (MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS)

The Club is the main body, and the Team is a side that competes in a competition. Example: Norfolk Blues is a Club, while Norfolk Blues D1 and Norfolk Blues D3 are Teams under the Club. A Squad is made out of registered Club members and is used to create the 23-person Team.

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Capital’s FAQ for RX

  • If you report a problem, a screenshot or a video file would help.
  • RX supplies an RX-based club website for each club that will show division matches, standings, and the club’s results. You get to this via Your club’s ID is shown in your admin account.
    • Go to Administration-My Club and then the horizontal menu for My Club under Website.
    • In the Contacts section of your RX Club website, you can change the location map by adding an address in My Club-Details. You can use just the city name; wait about 15 minutes for the update.
  • A number of clubs use iFrames or embeds on their own sites. There is currently no publicized way to do this. An alternative to show results and standings is to link to your club’s RX website or to Capital’s.
  • Your Rugby ID’s Email address and your registered Email address may be different. Be careful and keep them the same.
  • If you wish to collect club dues, please take care of club administration first (and then ask yourself if you want to do that, particularly if you are using PayPal or Venmo or have player payment plans).
  • Reports that clubs have access to (described in Help) may not all be available.
  • You can set up your own Venue (field address). For example, the default that we had to put in for Capital teams to get the schedules in was “TBA” located in Washington, DC. You can change your match or default location.
  • A player transfers to another Club by going to “Register” in RX and registers with that Club. This is not completed until the original Club AND the GU Admin approves a “clearance”.
  • Remember that RX competitions are not part of the referee scheduling system. Use for the PSRFR and RSV for D2, D3, and D4 games. D1M and D1W games are under MARR.

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Problems with adding subs in the Match Day app? Solution!

After you select the player that is being subbed-out, DO NOT click Next. The subbed-out player will be in red; you need to pick one more player from the list that you have, and they will turn green. THEN you can click Next.

The discussion about this is at Match Day app – Match Day App Scoring.mp4?dl=0 at 1:40.

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RX PLAYER TRANSFER (domestic clearance) PROCESS:
Player tries to register with new club, is blocked
System prompts them to submit a clearance request
Request is then either approved or denied
If approved, player then goes and registers for the club, is let through to new team

In cases of cross-union transfer requests you will not be notified (RX will address this for next year).
You can review the list of all 2022-23 transfer requests (approved, denied, pending) at Admin Portal >> Members >> Registration Clearances.
On ‘clicking’ a player’s name, the new screen will indicate the ‘parent’ union and club to which the player was registered (if you/the new club want to confirm NCS eligibility status).
RX only requests approval from the original union and club.
On home union/club approval players will show up with the new club.
This does not mean that the player is ‘NCS eligible’ with the new club.
Clubs should do their own due diligence to confirm each transfer player meets NCS eligibility criteria.
Rosters will be reviewed by the Eligibility Committee on a club advancing to the NCS.

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Part 1: Set up your RX profile (you may have already done this)  Video Walkthrough HERE
Go to
Enter in your personal email (NOT an admin/general email)
You may see “You don’t have a Rugby ID,” not to worry as once you enter more details the system will be able to pair you with your imported profile 
Select ‘sign me up’, and you will be redirected to enter in your personal details
MAKE SURE that USAR National is selected and not Rugby Australia 
If you see  “We have found some profiles that might be you!” – select your profile, click continue.
You will be redirected to the Rugby Xplorer profile homepage 

Part 2: Register as Senior Player (Weekly Membership)   Video Walkthrough HERE
Login to your profile (created using the steps above)
Select Register in the upper left hand corner
Go to find a club, select your profile, and select next
Search “At Large” (select At Large Senior Club) and select next
Choose the following options – Player, Senior Club, Weekly
Confirm all your personal information is correct
Upload a profile photo (or skip)
Confirm all additional personal details are correct
Update your emergency contact information 

Review your Registration Summary 
Agree to the terms and conditions 
Select Pay 
(Fee is $15)

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