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Clubs with paid USA Rugby club fee (updated weekly).

Registered players with clubs (search by club).

Team Registration Instructions (PDF). USA Rugby’s instructions to register your team. You need to have fifteen (15) registered (paying the USAR fee) plus this registration to get a certificate of insurance; USAR issues the COIs. There is NO Capital fee for team registration.

Certificates of Insurance: Certificates of insurance for the membership cycle will only be issued to clubs that have met the following criteria: (a) There must be an active and Level 200 certified coach on the roster, (b) There must be at least 15 registered members, and (c) The club registration fee must be paid. **Allow 10 business days for any request. An expedite fee will be charged for any request that needs to be completed within less than 10 business days of the initial request.

FYI: This page will continue to be edited and populated as we get more items.

You should also have received an EMail msg from Sportlomo by August 28, 2020, IF you were registered last year. Individuals (prior registrants) will need to activate their accounts from that message and use their Email addresses as the ID (and may need to do a PW reset).

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USA Rugby’s tips on player registration.

Clubs received their club ID and PW from
(Most clubs have received their IDs and PWs.)

Using your Club’s ID and PW, you can go to the following site to maintain your club’s profile and other information:

How does a new club get set up? Answer: Send an email to with the details.

Link to Sportlomo’s club information/help center:

Sportlomo and services to USA Rugby members:

Items of interest
(will be edited as updates and changes occur)

  • The preface of “Capital Rugby Union” in each club ID is there for Sportlomo support purposes.
  • Individual insurance is not required, although it is a mandatory field; just enter fill-in characters.
  • If you wish to enter multiple players at a time, just go to, pick the club, login, check the Senior Club category (for example), enter the # of players, enter the info for each person, etc.
  • Historical info will be loaded at some point in the data transfer from USAR to Sportlomo.
  • Proof of insurance will be available via USAR.
  • Some clubs have duplicate people. Sportlomo is looking at this.
  • Currently, discount codes are randomized codes and not in codes as we are accustomed (i.e., in English words). Sportlomo is looking at this for, perhaps, Q4.
  • System may be inconsistent in places between USA date format (mm/dd/yyyy) and EU date format (dd/mm/yyyy). Most places are fine, but this still appears in Membership Categories.
  • The BACK button does not work in some places. Just use your browser’s back button.
  • General info to consider when setting up your own collections: Transaction fees are 3% + 35 cents per transaction.
  • USAR (and therefore us) will use Sportlomo’s Competitions system at some point in the future; there is an app!