Capital Annual General Meeting (Aug 9, 2020)

Meeting was held via Zoom on 08/09/2020 at 3:00 PM. Meeting concluded at approx. 6:07 PM. The Zoom recording is at and will be deleted on 9/9/2020; please note that this starts 30 minutes into the meeting.



Roll Call – 31 clubs in attendance at roll call with several joining later. Quorum was reached.

Officer Reports: See above.

OGDC player pathway presentation from Old Glory. Andrew Douglas, Head Coach for Old Glory, and John Manson, General Manager for Old Glory discussed the team’s outreach and pathway programs

USA Rugby structure, bankruptcy, and Club Council. Ad hoc discussion on the state of USAR.

By-law changes and discussionAPPROVED

  • Membership – Page 3, paragraph 5 – change to Must be in good
    financial standing with appropriate rugby administrative authorities.
  • 3.01 Officers and Terms. Change to: The Union officers are outlined
    and defined in section 3.06. These positions compose the executive
    committee and the President of the Union serves as the Union
    representative on the Club Council.
  • 3.02 Election of Officers. Page 4 paragraph 5: remove
  • Change position: Page 6 paragraph 5 remove USA Rugby Rep and add DE&I position
  • Page 5 section 3.06.1 – add: Union president is the Capital Rugby
    Union’s representative to the Club Council

MAC Elections. Positions elected and filled; see

Officer elections (

  • President Matt Robinette
  • Vice President Ned Kieloch
  • Secretary Lacy Ames
  • Treasurer David Chapman
  • Discipline Chair Steve “Duma” Johnson
  • High Performance Steven Davis
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Sunny Myers

Other or new business – None.