Return to Play

The Capital Rugby Union sanctions rugby activities for all member jurisdictions where local health departments and governments permit sports activities.

Sanctioned practices and matches must comply with these requirements to receive the full sanction benefits:

  • All clubs and players register with USA Rugby – note: Club registration and individual registration
  • Local COVID-19 guidelines must be implemented
  • Field permits must be obtained through local parks and rec departments or appropriate permitting department within your area’s government
  • Contact referee societies to determine requirements from those entities
  • Rugby activity is NOT permitted within the geographic boundaries of Washington, D.C.

Union leadership reviewed jurisdiction government and health department policies as they pertain to recreation and amateur sports to guide and inform this decision. All our jurisdictions allow recreation and amateur sports to be played if guidelines are followed. This sanction does not require clubs and individuals to play – it is the choice and responsibility of the club and individual to determine whether to play or not.