RX Club Status

[More registration information is at https://rugby.org/registration/]

Note: the below will be updated once/day until Sep 10. It was updated daily since 09/01/2022.

FINAL UPDATE – As of 09/10/2022, 8:50 AM:

1. Get your club’s players registered.

The following teams had LESS THAN 15 players:

  • Blackwater Rugby
  • Norfolk Storm
  • Richmond Lions
  • Roanoke Women
  • Washington Furies

2. Get your coaches registered. 33 Clubs had a coach who is registered in RX.

Remember that when using the RX Match Day app, you must have Team Admin permissions.

  1. Assign Club Members to your Squad List. Multi-side clubs will need to create two Squads; the two Squads may overlap.
  2. Set the lineup for your Team List from the Squad List.
  3. During the match, add your side’s events – scoring, player movement, cards, etc. and your opponent should add theirs.
  4. At the end of the match, the two teams should confirm that the scoring is correct (and concurrence on red/yellow cards) with each other and the referee AT THE FIELD.
  5. Once done, click “End” and then “Confirm” which will change the “Fixture” to “Final”.
  6. Once this occurs, Team Admins cannot go back into the match. If necessary, the match can be unlocked/edited by Capital Admin (not the Division Coordinators, due to the lack of multi-level security in RX).
  7. If a Team is found to not be using the Match Day app, you are at risk of an Administrative Forfeit.